Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Fallout 28mm!

Hey All,

Its been really a rather long time since I've posted up on this ol' thing...real life things got in the way as ever.

Anyway, back to escapism in miniature....

As part of my current Post-Apocalyptic project I decided to make a miniature version of my character from Fallout: New Vegas.....John Hattenguns.


The Model is a simple conversion of Brother Vinni's superb 'Ant Armour Solider  model, with a top-hatted head from my bits box (maybe leftover from Heresy Vampire?), a PTRD-41 Rifle from The Assault Group's spare guns line and a fair bit of hair and gap filling done with Milliput.


For those who know the game, I generally trot about in the future wearing the following, and have attempted to model them using my limited skills; Tuxedo Hat, Lucky Shades, Remnant's Power Armour, Anti-Material Armour (all the mods + Explosive Rounds)


As ever, John is accompanied by his trusty Duraframe Eyebot ED-E. Annother fabmodel from Brother Vinni.

Hope you like it.