Friday, 16 November 2012

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Polish Home Army (Flames of War)

Hey all. Here are some (rather bad) photos of my Polish Flames of War Battalion.

The Force all together.

The Armoured Support.

The Mortar Battery

The Machine Gun Battery

The 'Cursed Soldiers

The Anti-Tank Guns

A Hetzer

Many Brave Poles.



Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Waste-landers and Raiders [Part 4]

Hey all.

Some more Post-Apocalyptic types. Enjoy!

Wasteland Sniper
First up an old GW figure. I painted it forever-ago, and have recently re-based it onto a hex. I rather like the figure.



Mr. Buttonsworth esq.
Next is a figure I converted for a RPG session. The Story was that he was a Millitary Robot that repaired itself with parts from a Museam Tourguide robot, resulting in him having delusions of being a kind-hearted Victorian String factory owner - determined to protect and look after the workers* in his factory**, with his revolver***.

* The workers were a bunch of Wastelanders who lived with his delusions due to the protection and food that he provided.
** His 'factory' was in fact a bunch of ruined buildings. The robot spent most of his time at his 'desk' in his 'office'....he stood in the middle of a ruined room.
*** His revolver was in fact a powerful laser cannon, which he insisted on reloading every six shots. You cant really reload the laser in question, so the robot just made 'reloading' sounds.


This model is just a plastic toy I found on the floor of my garage that I decided to paint up. Looks really nice considering.

 The Doc
A very nice miniature from Copplestone in a very badly taken photograph. This chap has yet to grace the gaming table, but Im sure he will before too long.



Sunday, 11 November 2012

Waste-landers and Raiders [Part 3]

A Few more Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures.

A Local Big-Time Crime Lord, and his bodyguards.


This is a miniature from Foundry's Street Violence Range. Took me forever to build up the enthusiasm to paint this one. Not sure why. Its a lovely miniature.

Another Foundry Street Violence Miniature. I use it as Jesus the Second.

I have no idea where this miniature is from. I like it though.

A Necromunda Figure by Games Workshop. I've cut down the knife into a knuckle duster.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Waste-landers and Raiders [Part 2]

A few more pictures.

Although better off, with the best clothes, food, weapons, and bodyguards that money can by, this lot are all Waste-landers none the same.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Waste-landers and Raiders [Part 1]

What sort of Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare would it be without ragedy looking Wasteland Dwellers?

Well, here are a few of mine.

A band of Raiders

A Raider. A Repainted HorrorClix figure. Im not a fan of rubbery figures, but I do really rather like this one.

Another Raider. Its converted from a Saxon.

This Raider has a bow. Its another Saxon.

Yet another Raider. This one is a model by GZG, with interesting armour and a nice gun. Very small though - 25mm to the eye, not that that matters really, because, you know, there are shorter people in the world.

This one is a Copplestone Miniature. Like every miniature that wonderful man produces, it is lovely. I must have two dozen of the things waiting to be painted. Rather looking forward to.


Finally, a chap with a shotgun and a big Oriental style hat. Its a miniature from EM4.


Enclave Extras

Hey All.

Today we have some Enclave Extras....

First up, a figure in Power Armour that I don't like all that much. Its a Nexus Swat Heavy Trooper with a weapon barrel swap.

Power Armoured Dude

Next, a pair of Gun-Drone Robots. They are 6mm E-100 Tanks from Navwar with EM-4 Sentry Guns on top. Nice simple models.

Sentry Gun Drones




Monday, 5 November 2012

...should never be forgot.

Just watched one of my favorite films again, as I appear to every year on this day.


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Unnamed Mutant Cyborg Monster

Hey All,

Today we have a weird mutant in a tank-wheelchair thing with a giant claw for a hand. Painted it ages ago to practice using Ink washes and oils, as I had not done it in a long time. Its all just drybrushing then ink, so that considering I don't think its all too bad a job.





Saturday, 3 November 2012

Reaver McCuttlass

Today we have a pair of models that I am really very fond of.

When I started this project I intended to do a miniatures based Role-Playing Game before I changed my mind and started playing Necromunda instead.

As part of that I made a few model pairs - a model at its starting level, and another to use a fair few sessions in when its got all the kit and experience.


This particular pairing is of my Dog, Reaver.

The models themselves are unaltered models from Irregular Miniatures. They are not the best miniatures in the world, but they are cheap and fit the bill. I like them.


The first model shows her as a ....... Dog.

The second model shows her quite far into the campaign, with body armour, a visor and laser rifles!


Friday, 2 November 2012

"Initiating directive 7395: destroy all communists!"


Hey All. 

Today we have my Post-Apocalyptic 40 ft. Macarthyist Giant Robot.

It the toy that comes free with the VHS version of the film 'The Iron Giant' with a new head sculpted on out of greenstuff. I did not do the sculpting, I should add, that was someone else. My sculpting skills are rather limited to hair and gap filling.

Its not the best model in the world, but when its on the table people know whats gonna happen. 


Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Enclave

Hey all.

Just thought Id start to pop up some picts of my other Fallout/Necromunda models.


First up, my Enclave models. They are old Kyromek Human Swat Models. Bit clunky, but I like them.

Game wise, I use them as a Necromuda Enforcer gang. I represent their Power Armour by taking up the offer to swap their Bolt Pistols for Suppression Shields.


The Eyebot stands in for the Cyber Mastif, zaping things with its little tazer, Fallout 2 style.

Ps. Sorry for the shocking photography. I can take photos properly, honestly. I've had them published and everything. My camera does not have a variable lens - all the focusing is done digitally. Its awful.