Friday, 2 November 2012

"Initiating directive 7395: destroy all communists!"


Hey All. 

Today we have my Post-Apocalyptic 40 ft. Macarthyist Giant Robot.

It the toy that comes free with the VHS version of the film 'The Iron Giant' with a new head sculpted on out of greenstuff. I did not do the sculpting, I should add, that was someone else. My sculpting skills are rather limited to hair and gap filling.

Its not the best model in the world, but when its on the table people know whats gonna happen. 



  1. Very cool, I only recently watched that film as well sadly I don't have the robot to have a play with, Seen some great things done with it

  2. You can pick up the VHS with the silly toy and a printed copy of the Iron Man for about £2. At least you could a few months ago when I picked one up.