Sunday, 17 July 2011

A second post tonight - VSF Russians

Just an update on a few more bits that I have got finished for my Russians

5 Line Infantry. Renegade Minitures Austrians. Really nice if a little cartoony minitures, and very reasonably priced (£15 for 24). I'll be using these as both the core of my russian force and as ww2 Norwegians, as the uniform is close enough for me to.
And, after a few months waiting to be painted (I have cleaned the dust of this thing twise before now!) a russian naval gattling gun and crew. They are all from Perry Minitures, so are perfect in every way as you'd expect them to be.

Also makeing their way off the back-burner, my two Steam Wagons. These have now been sealed up with what is supposed to be a sort of chicken-wire like grid to protect the driver and engeneer from harm. It also helps to hide that there is no driver when the things are in motion. I dident want to add people inside as I always find that it looks odd to have people sitting in lorrys when they are parked in wargames, and it would have been bloody hard to acctualy do it. I think it looks OK and im looking forward to painting them. They belong to the artillary rather than the navy, so will be green rather than black and white like all the other steam machines. The mesh is made of cross-stiching grid that I got about 2 square feet of for about a quid.


Ok, by next week I should have a fair few more Line Infantry finished along with the artillary tractors and should have at least put together my russian cavalry.


A long awaited post - WW2 Polish

Just an update on the little progress that I have managed towards finishing my late war Flames of War force of Polish Forest Fighters.

First up, A few stands of Forest Fighters

Some Bazooka teams

2/3s of a mortar platoon

Captured Russian 76mm Howetzers

And the Armoured Motor-Plaugh 'War Pig'


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wait for it......

Ok. This isnt a real post, just a promice that a real post will be put up later today. Sorry for the repeated delays, Ive just been unwell. Like really unwell.


I have painted some things, and will have a post up by tonight. Yay.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!......My Brain

Hey All.

Im going to put off my weekly post as for the last three days (and counting) I have had a nasty, nasty mingrane. Im starting to finaly get better now, so I will probably post tomorrow evening. Yesterday, when people talked I could see colours in my eyelids from the pain! I had to wear sunglasses round the house. Anyway, yeah, by this time tomorrow I should have posted up nice pictures of my newly painted Norwegian Privates/ Russian Linesmen, Armoured Plow and the first of my test-painted Polish Home Army Flames of War teams.

Till then, ta-ta.