Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tokyo was not built in a day

Hey all,

This week I've made a start on a small city. Not a big start by any means, just three buildings, but a start all the same. After a little bit of experimenting with wibbly-wobbly paper buildings, I decided that it would be better to just bite the bullet and make my city out of good 'ol resin. However, this is going to cost a bucket-load, so I'm going to chip away on this project a little bit at a time with the plan to make a decent 3'x3' urban layout by the end of the year.

 photo IMG_3633_zps481194e6.jpg
The two smaller buildings are by Scotia and the larger one is by Battletech.

I make a point of not doing 'bad reviews' on this blog out of common courtesy, but recently I ordered a fair few Scotia buildings, after being impressed by their low price and decent looking quality. However, when I got them I was less than pleased. Most of them were not terrible models, but were terribly cast, with nasty flash obscuring their detail, and the bottoms on many of them being 'hollow', as if they had not quite pored enough resin into the mold when they were being cast.

 photo IMG_3626_zps1d3b00b7.jpg

In fact, for the first time ever, I asked for my money back for a few of the buildings that were so bad that I just couldn't see any way of using them!

In a similar trend, the Battletech building was also badly cast, with the same 'hollow bottom' problem that the Scotia buildings had. I've had some Battletech buildings before (that I irritatingly got rid of a few months ago, before starting this project) that were superbly cast with almost nothing in the way of air-bubbles or flash.

 photo IMG_3629_zps24571228.jpg

I did not buy either variety of building direct from the manufacturer, and what with the bad castings, I am more than a little suspicious that they might be poor quality re-casts, rather than the genuine articles....

 photo IMG_3628_zps95467940.jpg

In better news, I also painted up a Federation 'Long-Track' AT-T mobile radar recently. Its a GHQ model, and as with everything I've had from them recently, its nothing less than a miniature work of art.

Better luck next time, eh?


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Type-74 Tanks (GHQ)

 photo IMG_3611_zps19773bcf.jpg

Hey Internet,

I've done a thing again.

This time its a few NPCs for my 'Monster Movie' games - a couple of 'Type-74' tanks, the mainstay of the Japanese Self Defence Force's armoured corps.

The models are actually AMX-30s (French MBTs), but they look sort of like a Japanese 'Type-74' tanks - well, at least close enough for me not to care. All the important elements are there; the boxy Infa-Red spotlight to the left of the main gun, the rounded turret and the basic dimensions all match the '74 quite well.

These models are by GHQ, and like just about everything that company makes they are nothing less than tiny works of art. The detail on these things is fantastic, easily equal too or better than that on many of my 15mm tanks.

Annoyingly, two of the copulas are missing machine-guns because they were not cast properly. I'm sure that no one would have noticed the missing square-millimetre if I hadn't mentioned it, but its really bugging me that these models are anything less than perfect.

 photo IMG_3607_zpsfd6598fb.jpg

Friday, 14 February 2014

Odin Goldsmith

 photo IMG_3594_zps4675dcdd.jpg

Hey Internet,

You know when you just have a model on your painting table forever? I think that this one must have been waiting patiently at the back of my desk for the better part of two years - he's Odin Goldsmith, part of the Anima Tactics miniatures range.

I had great fun painting this one up. It was real easy - nothing more than a bit of dry-brushing followed by a good few ink washes and glazes. I felt that the model was really lacking something right at the end of painting it, so decided to add a light purple 'glowing eye-slit' effect to introduce a colour other than green into the frey. I think it looks far better for having done it, but cant escape feeling that it looks a little forced.

 photo IMG_3592_zpsec85656f.jpg

I've not especially painted this model up to use as anything in particular, but there are many roles he may well take on. I've based him up like my 'Of Gods and Mortals' collection, mostly because this is my only 'Fantasy' Model Collection. I can see him fitting in well in a game of OGaM though, perhaps as a Jötunn or as any one of a number of Æsir. I've also strayed into the game Warmachine & Hordes recently, and as I don't really care for any of my chosen factions 'Warlocks', so he might well fit the bill for that project.

 photo IMG_3600_zps99e87b74.jpg
At just a little over 40mm tall, this model would  make a nice God, particularly with the glowing eyes.

 photo IMG_3604_zpsafcc7131.jpg
A scale comparison with a 28mm figure.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mobile Base Command

 photo IMG_3578_zps52751f03.jpg

Hey Internet,

I've not been feeling all-too-hot for the last two weeks, so I've not been getting much done on the hobby front. I actually painted these a few weeks back, but never got round to posting them.

 photo IMG_3579_zpsefcc0173.jpg

This is 'Mobile Base Command' - a state of-the-art mobile command post belonging to the Self-Defence forces. Packed with high-ranking military personnel and the worlds leading monsterologists, it can drive precariously close to the front line to provide command and scientific support, as well as added jeopardy.

 photo IMG_3581_zpsdbc9e95d.jpg

In 'Savage Worlds' Mobile Base Command has some good command effects to help keep his allies in the fight, as well as a jury-rigged 'Sonic Beam' weapon that can be fired from the radar dish to confound and confuse rampaging Kaiju.

 photo IMG_3580_zpsbf8c80df.jpg

The model is a Battletech one, although I cannot recall it's name. Its a very nice casting, but the sculpt itself is a little weird - the details are sharp, but the basic shapes are sort of wonky.

 photo IMG_3583_zpsafe22d40.jpg
I cant remember what these little thingies are called - they are modern American transports of some kind. The models are by Heroics & Ross, and while not the best sculpts in the world I think they look kind of all-right.