Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mobile Base Command

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Hey Internet,

I've not been feeling all-too-hot for the last two weeks, so I've not been getting much done on the hobby front. I actually painted these a few weeks back, but never got round to posting them.

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This is 'Mobile Base Command' - a state of-the-art mobile command post belonging to the Self-Defence forces. Packed with high-ranking military personnel and the worlds leading monsterologists, it can drive precariously close to the front line to provide command and scientific support, as well as added jeopardy.

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In 'Savage Worlds' Mobile Base Command has some good command effects to help keep his allies in the fight, as well as a jury-rigged 'Sonic Beam' weapon that can be fired from the radar dish to confound and confuse rampaging Kaiju.

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The model is a Battletech one, although I cannot recall it's name. Its a very nice casting, but the sculpt itself is a little weird - the details are sharp, but the basic shapes are sort of wonky.

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I cant remember what these little thingies are called - they are modern American transports of some kind. The models are by Heroics & Ross, and while not the best sculpts in the world I think they look kind of all-right.

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