Friday, 31 January 2014

1:285th Modern T-80 Company

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After painting those Dwarfs I lost a great deal of my enthusiasm for Of Gods and Mortals. I'm not sure quite why - perhaps I let the project balloon so much that it was too daunting to start chipping away at again, or perhaps I just got bored of chain-mail. Either way, since none of my gaming-friends are anywhere near having a force ready to play a game against, I've allowed myself to be sidetracked my a new project for a while. Just until I get a 'second wind' for my Norse Warhost.

 photo IMG_3572_zpsb6c677b5.jpg

In fact, this isn't a new project at all, but rather one that I started about five years ago andnever got around to finishing - a big 1:285th/6mm Scale 'Giant Japanese-Inspired Monsters vs City' participation game.

 photo IMG_3568_zps1d4ed2db.jpg

One side controls the Humans, with each player taking on the roll of either a Commander of the Self-Defence forces or the pilot of a Mobile Suit/Eva/Mecha. Players on the other side take the roll of 'the monster of the week' - be they giant radioactive dinosaurs, space-monsters or the doomsday machines created by evil scientists.

 photo IMG_3571_zpsfeb2469b.jpg

Anyway, here is my first contribution to the project - an Armoured Company of the Russian Federation. The models are 6mm scale T-80 tanks, although I cannot remember from which manufacturer they are from. I think its either 'Heroics and Ros' or 'Scotia', but don't quote me on that. Whoever made these tanks, they are quite nice. The reactive armour in particular is well defined and takes to painting well. I've painted them using a simple combination of dry-brushing, edge highlighting and inks. Nothing fancy, but I think they look all-right.

 photo IMG_3563_zpsb27cba6a.jpg

I've got a bunch of other Russian/Soviet stuff lined up and ready to go on the painting table, so hopefully I should be able to also use these tanks for games of Cold War Commander.

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