Friday, 24 January 2014

Two Dvergar

Hey Internet,

I painted a pair of Dvergar (dwarfs). Both of them are really nice OOP models from Games Workshop 'Lord of the Rings' line. I've had these models for just about forever. After a short spell in some break fluid they found their way onto my painting table.

They painted up really quickly and easily. The only reason that its taken me so long to get them done is that I have recently been distracted by a new side-project.......oh dear......

I've also started doing some movement sheets to make these models usable in 'Of Gods and Mortals'. These are just laser cut bases (from Warbases) that I have painted brown, flocked and sprayed with an old can of Games Workshop varnish.

The name drop is not an endorsement by the way - I really dont like Games Workshop's varnish. It is by far the worst varnish I have used in terms of 'frosting', but it does the job when all you need is an aerosol stealer. If you look really closely you can see that it did even frost on the flock - which is quite a cool effect actually, considering that I'm trying to represent Norsemen.

Dwarf the First...
 photo IMG_3490_zps7235b656.jpg

 photo IMG_3491_zpsfb18f528.jpg

 photo IMG_3492_zps52121bcd.jpg

Dwarf the Second...

 photo IMG_3486_zps24016af8.jpg

 photo IMG_3489_zps381599a0.jpg

The Pair Together...
 photo IMG_3494_zps5ec2adbc.jpg

A Valid Game Unit...

 photo IMG_3495_zpsbbe2b908.jpg

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