Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Month Old Smug

Hey Internet,

I was tidying up my desktop when I came across some photos - and suddenly realised that I never got round to smugly putting them up on this blog.

Last month it was my Clubs annual Painting Competition - and in it I won twice! Woo! Go me!

Once in the 'Group Historical' category, and again with the same entry for 'Best In Show'.

I entered my 'Norse Warriors' that I did for 'Of Gods and Mortals'.

In fact, I painted these models following the previous years Painting Competition because I was rather disheartened that I had not painted anything that year that I thought 'worthy of a painting competition'.

There was a really good turnout for the competition this year, with lots of really nice entries, a number of which really should have beaten mine.

 photo IMG_1052_zpsfsjr0cle.jpg

 photo IMG_1051_zpstccx2wsy.jpg

Photos taken with on a Canon EOS-M.

And of course, my winnings. Two £15 vouchers for Monster Models & Games, the local wargames and modelling stall in Wells Market. I've no idea what I'm going to spend them on, but I'm heading over onto their site to make my mind up once I've finished typing this...


 photo IMG_1084_zpsmrg5kgee.jpg


The Lead Tally - 2015

Acquired: +9       Painted: +1          Total: -8

Monday, 19 January 2015

Captain D. C. "The DeathClaw" McCorvin

Hey Internet,

Haven't posted in a little while - 'real life things' have not been doing all that well as of late - the knock-on effect being that I've not really had the inclination to do much in the way of hobby related stuff.

But I finally got around to painting something this weekend.

Or rather, I've given a figure that I painted a while back a fairly major revamp.

I finished 'ColonelDeathclaw' a fair while ago to be the leader of my Enclave warband, and but even at the time I was never really all that happy with him. At the time, I'd wanted him to 'fit in' with the other Enclave models in my collection – only, I painted them years ago, when I was far 'less good' at painting.

So, I've gone back to him. Its about 80% new brushwork, the with only the face and the 'holo-swords' remaining from the original coat. I think the 'metallic black' armour is looking much better, as are the 'glowy yellow bits'.

The base also got a seeing too, as the original one looked nasty and was 30mm rather than 25mm - meaning that it did not match in with every other figure in my collection.

I've dug out a pair of Brother Vinni's wonderful 'Ant Soldiers' to back him up. They are next in the que.


 photo IMG_1043_zpsfcfe28fd.jpg

* * *

Captain D. C. 'The Deathclaw1' McCorvin is a third generation product of the United States Chemical Corps' research into the weaponization of personnel infected with the infamous 'Forced Evolutionary Virus'.

Prior to his exposure to the F.E.V during the excavation of the Mariposa Millitary Base, Douglas McCorvin had an unremarkable career in the United States Army. While a competent soldier of no little intelligence, frequent conflicts with his superior officers ensured that he never rose above the rank of Private.

Following his mutation, McCorvin was evacuated to Station Control ENCLAVE. For several months he was kept under constant sedation pending the stabilisation of his condition. A small man of only 5'7”, McCorvin developed into a similarly stunted mutant of less than 7' in height.

Following a psychological evaluation and corrective surgery for a number of minor debilitations, McCorvin was returned to active service as part of a special detail tasked with the location and recovery of pre-war research and technology.

In this role, and with the benefit of his mutations, McCorvin showed a great deal of capability, quickly rising to the rank of Captain and being given command of 'Exploration and Recovery Detachment 7'.

During the events leading to the destruction of Station Control ENCLAVE 'oil rig' off the coast of California, ERD7 was stationed on a long range recovery expedition several hundred miles to the East. Despite sending several scout parties Westward, communications with ENCLAVE command could not be re-established. Unable to communicate with higher command and with no way to return to the West Cost without additional resupply, ERD7 began to operate autonomously.

In the following months the Detachment continued to recover technology and equipment, and eventually began to expand their base of operations from their covert bunker complex to establish a small outpost on the surface.

In time, out of a want of supplies, the Detachment began to trade some of their salvage with local survivalist groups, and even began a limited recruitment of 'wastelanders' to augment their numbers in light of losses suffered to the inherent dangers of the wastes.

This seeded no small amount of discontent amongst certain, more patriotic, members of the group. This eventually was brought to an apex when an armed group confronted McCorvin and directly accused him desertion and dereliction of duty.

Refuting their attempts to relive him of command, a deadly firefight ensued, quickly spreading across the outpost as more individuals joined on both sides. By days-end, almost half of the entire group had either been killed, wounded or had chosen to flee into the wastes.

Victorious, but at a terrible cost, Captain McCorvin continued to rule over his small dominion. Though those that had sided with him during the schism remained beside him, any pretence that the group represented the Army of the United States soon fell by the wayside.

* * *

 photo IMG_1046_zps8d2d4f9a.jpg

1: "The DeathClaw"

 Douglass Charlie McCorvin's nickname 'The Deathclaw' arose out of the aforementioned captain's preference for and substantial skills in close combat, armed with a pair of 'holographic emitters' grafted to his suit of 'Tesla Power Armour'. 

Salvaged from a pre-war scientific laboratory, each of these these unique weapons could in moments be reconfigured to emit by means of holography either a savage blade, a shield or a projectile of energy. 

McCorvin was even known to have used these emitters to produce a pair of holographic wings, which when combined with the vectored exhaust of his suit's micro-fusion reactor allowed him to enter into a powered glide when leaping from a raised surface.


The Lead Tally - 2015

Acquired: +0       Painted: +1          Total: +1

Wednesday, 14 January 2015