Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Month Old Smug

Hey Internet,

I was tidying up my desktop when I came across some photos - and suddenly realised that I never got round to smugly putting them up on this blog.

Last month it was my Clubs annual Painting Competition - and in it I won twice! Woo! Go me!

Once in the 'Group Historical' category, and again with the same entry for 'Best In Show'.

I entered my 'Norse Warriors' that I did for 'Of Gods and Mortals'.

In fact, I painted these models following the previous years Painting Competition because I was rather disheartened that I had not painted anything that year that I thought 'worthy of a painting competition'.

There was a really good turnout for the competition this year, with lots of really nice entries, a number of which really should have beaten mine.

 photo IMG_1052_zpsfsjr0cle.jpg

 photo IMG_1051_zpstccx2wsy.jpg

Photos taken with on a Canon EOS-M.

And of course, my winnings. Two £15 vouchers for Monster Models & Games, the local wargames and modelling stall in Wells Market. I've no idea what I'm going to spend them on, but I'm heading over onto their site to make my mind up once I've finished typing this...


 photo IMG_1084_zpsmrg5kgee.jpg


The Lead Tally - 2015

Acquired: +9       Painted: +1          Total: -8

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