Sunday, 20 July 2014

AQotMF British Infantry [1]

Hey Internet,

This week I've painted up a stand of British riflemen for 'All Quiet on the Martian Front'.

"But - what?!" I hear you say. 

"I'm quite sure sure that you said at the beginning of this year that you were not starting any new projects!" you continue.

But "ha!" say I, "I am not breaking my self-set rule! I said only that I would buy new figures for new projects - to put figures I already own to good use is the very intention of the ban!"

"...ah..." you must succeed, "...that's probably all-right then".

 photo DSC_0087_zpshsvynmpu.jpg

So, yeah...

I've painted up five British riflemen for 'All Quiet on the Martian Front'. 

The War of the Worlds has always been one of my favourite books, and something that I've always wanted to game. 

Yet, ''All Quiet" was not a game that I had previously given a second look, as on first glance. I found the tripods goofy and the tanks uninspired, but after a friend bought into it, I strayed onto the games webpage, and soon saw the new models for the BEF faction.

I'm not crazy about the 'official' miniatures - but luckily a friend of mine gave me a huge pile of Black Hat Martian Empires figures. They are the same strange '18mm' scale as AQotMF, so should do nicely.

I've plenty of infantry and a good battery of guns. The uniforms and weapons go against the 'cannon' of the game, but I'm really not too fussed about that. To this little force I'll add probably add some of the Heavy Infantry and a fair bit of armour.

Fortunately, most of the tanks I want don't exist in this scale yet - but between the centenary of the Great War, and Flames of War's new foray into the period, I only expect a short reprieve for my bank balance.

 photo DSC_0089_zpsfnm19lmz.jpg

Oh, and one more thing -

Something that all my wargaming friends mock me for is my habit of writing down exactly how I paint everything.

I have a good reason for doing it though - firstly, my memory is a bit 'iffi' nowadays, and secondly, I tend to jump between projects a heck of a lot, and being able to settle back into a project at will is an incredible luxury.

On the off chance that you really like these figures, here is how I painted them;

 photo DSC_0092_zpsijptxcxu.jpg


Friday, 11 July 2014

Tsar Wars - Robert Fett (#2) - Statistics

Goodafternoon Internet, 

Robert Fett now has some rules for 'In Her Majesties Name';

 photo 1_zps4ebf6935.jpg

Robert Fett
Statistics: Pluck: 3+, Fighting: +2, Shooting: +3, Speed: +0, Cost: 58
Talents: Intuitive, Marksman (Carbine)
Equipment: Breastplate, Breath Preserver, Carbine, Pistol, Fighting Knife, Gas Bomb

I'm still yet to play a game, so any guidance from those better in the know would be greatly appreciated. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Doktor Whomen!

Hey Internet,

I rather enjoyed this Japanese parody of Dr. Who. Thought I'd share.


Figure Finder - Tsar Wars: "The 'Ranker" (#1)

Goodevening fellows of the Internet,

With Emir Jahbah and the Dark Invader planned out, its time for the next figure to be found: A Human version of THIS.

This time it is Jahbah's personal champion "Ranker". This poor, fearsome creature imprisoned in the cave system under the Emir's palace,

Ranker's name is taken from the outcry of the first man doomed to face him, a young Australian adventurer, who upon seeing his opponent remarked; "Bloody 'ell mate, you can't really expect me to take that bloody great 'ranker all by mysel-Uhh-Ahhhh!".

For this guy I was thinking a really big savage or cannibal type, enslaved from the deepest depths of uncharted Africa would do the part.

I'm not all too hot on makers of Pulp figures - but I expect that there must be something out there that'll fit the bill. I'm not opposed to the idea that he be afflicted with gigantasism, so a ~40mm might be an idea?

Failing that, the Victorian age was one of discovery and wonder - and something akin to a 'desert Yeti' or some great African ape cannot be ruled out....

 photo original_zpsf642dba4.jpg

 photo willardpricecannibal_zps5241df24.jpg

 photo Photo1_zpsc7b22514.png

 photo franken_zpsa4930afe.gif

^ I know this is a picture from the Irish famine rather than Africa, but it illustrates what I'm going for.

So, anyone got any ideas?


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tsar Wars - Robert Fett (#1)

 photo output_e5gQTy1_zpsa46bb1cc.gif
[Edit 00:17/09-07-2014] My first ever '360 rotation' GIF. ^

* * *

Assassination?, Agitation?, Dynamiting?, Kidnapping?, Sabotage?  – if you need something questionable doing, Robert Fett is your man.

With a career spanning two decades, Robert 'Bobby' Fett has taken on employment everywhere from Peckham to Peking, rightly earning a reputation as one of the finest sells-swords that money can buy.

In that time he has worked for every manner of persons, ranging from crooks to Kings and from governments to the l'Internationale.

And, on account of having retained certain receipts, he has long evaded all repercussions from Special Branch, the Secret Service, Okhrana, Deuxième Bureau, Geheimpolizei  and a dozen more agencies, enjoying a freedom to work for whomever he chooses, and to take that work where-ever it should lead.

Little is known about Fett beyond the tales of his adventures; and even his name is thought to be a 'nom de guerre'.

No living man is known to have ever seen his face; for he is never without that armoured hat and faceplate that have become is trademark. Some speculate that he is perhaps disfigured in some way.

However the prevailing thought is that it is simply his method of concealing his identity, so that at those times that he is not working he may enjoy a normal and happy domestic life.

And, while he has never displayed any love for the Queen or the Empire, Fett's voice has a distinct cockney twang to it. That said, this too is suspect, as he has been known to be able to convincingly throw his voice in the course of his work in the past.

But, what is it that raises Robert Fett above every other blaggard with a rifle?

Firstly, he possesses a cruel and meticulous cunning that he puts to his violence. A dozen times or more he has used this gift to outwit and confound his score, lining them up and striking them down like a row of dominoes.

His physical prowess is also above a cut above the rest. A large, strong man in rude heath, Fett is a fine shot, even from the hip. He has also been seen to have great skill in fighting with that particular type of fighting knife that is at the moment so popular amongst Americans.

Finally, Fett is never without equipment that represents the state of the art of military science. Along with his signature armour, he favours dynamite, poison gas bombs, fighting knifes and a revolving-carbine whenever it comes to a fight.

Currently it is not known whether Fett is working in a freelance capacity, or is held under a retainer; but in either eventuality he has worked quite exclusively in central Asia for some months now, acting against interests of the British Empire and involving himself in deputes between the various warring tribes. At this time, his employers are unknown.

* * *

 photo 1_zps4ebf6935.jpg

Hey Internet, 

I've wanted to paint this model, exactly like this, for ages. 

I have, as you have hopefully cottoned on to, painted him up as a Victorian version of the bounty-hunter (and all round 'bad-ass') Boba Fett from Star Wars franchise. 

All the characters in the Tsar War's project are supposed to be analogues rather than 'steampunk versions', so the model has been left nice and know....rather than glueing random cogs to it.

I just went with a thematically appropriate colour palate: Green Armour, Red 'T-shape' visor, drab underclothes, yellow shoulder pads. 

I also gave him Moroccan Red Leather gloves, as I wanted to reference the original colours as much as I could, but red cuffs did not 'look right' on the model. I know this looks kind of goofy, but I rather like the idea that he puts on his exorbitantly expensive gloves as he steams off in SS Slave I.

Only took one evening to paint up and I really rather enjoyed doing it. First model that I've done in a little while that I've felt happy with once finished. I usually have a gnawing feeling that what I have painted 'could have been better' or that I 'could have done something differently', but for once I actually feel good about something. So, Yeah!

The model is a great sculpt with a really nice design and concept, that is sculpted and cast to a high standard. I ordered it though North Star, who supplied it swiftly and without problem, as they always have done in the past.

What do you think?

Some photos at strange angles
 photo 2_zps25b51433.jpg

 photo 3_zpseb2015d0.jpg

 photo 4_zpsa48f47bb.jpg

The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +58       Painted: +37          Total: -22

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Shameless Plug - Ebay Listing

Hey All,

Just a quick (and quite shameless) plug. I spent the last two hours listing some old Miniatures up on Ebay.

Take a look if you fancy: CLICK HERE


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tsar Wars - Darth Vader - "The Dark Invader" (#2)

Hey all,

Following on from my last post, drawing from the ideas kindly put to me, I have a plan of how to go about making the Dark Invader*.

(* This pun is bad, even by newspaper standards. Please, someone come up with a better one!)

Body and arms from a Spartan Games 'Teutonic Knight Specialist', which I will re-pose to make more 'hulking';

 photo spartan_prussian_teutonic_teslaknight01_by_rancemeister-d5x16e3_zpse79e03a0.jpg

Helmet from a Dreamforge Games Eisenkern Stormtrooper;

 photo tr011_modified_zpsb06a39ba.jpg

 photo stormtrooper-assembled-01_zps97054574.jpg

Then for the 'Arc - Sabre', either an Armourcast Cinematic *thingy* or a large Games Workshop Power Sword, converted to replace the barrel/blade on the Teutonic Knight.

 photo ACFX017LargeEnergyBlast-500x500_zpsa597e12c.jpg

What do you think? - I'd be most interested to know.


Friday, 4 July 2014

Figure Finder – Tsar Wars: [PUN NEEDED] (#1)

Fellow Geeks of the Internet,

After much success infinding a figure to represent 'Jabba the Hutt' on the Lead AdventureForum (thanks Dewbakuk!), I thought I'd try it again.

I request access to our collective miniature knowledge to find a figure to represent the Dark Lord of the Russian Empire.

(Ps. As a side note, I need a pun that relates Darth Vader to a robotic Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Suggestions warmly accepted.)

I know exactly what I'm looking for but have no idea where to find it, or even if it exists.

Anything from 28mm to a light walker/mech would fit the bill, and he'd need to be armed with an 'arc-sabre' of some kind. Despite the innate hypocrisy, I am really not into the Steampunk aesthetic and would much rather a figure that channels the minds of Wells and Verne and Poe - that is to say: no pointless cogs if at all possible!

Here are a few pictures I've gathered off the internet. There are many images of a Steampunk Darth Vader out there, but these are those that I am most fond of. If any of these were a figure, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.
 photo steampunk-star-wars-darth-vader-character-art-preview_zps5bc7e89b.jpg
^ I'm not-so-hot on the whole 'leaf blower' thing, but the rest is top notch!

 photo Steampunk-Darth-Vader_zpsea9acda9.jpg

 photo steam-vadar_zps6dfd7342.jpg

Please post any suggestions as a reply on here, or if you are a LAFfer, post them over there and I will copy them over.