Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Figure Finder - Tsar Wars: "The 'Ranker" (#1)

Goodevening fellows of the Internet,

With Emir Jahbah and the Dark Invader planned out, its time for the next figure to be found: A Human version of THIS.

This time it is Jahbah's personal champion "Ranker". This poor, fearsome creature imprisoned in the cave system under the Emir's palace,

Ranker's name is taken from the outcry of the first man doomed to face him, a young Australian adventurer, who upon seeing his opponent remarked; "Bloody 'ell mate, you can't really expect me to take that bloody great 'ranker all by mysel-Uhh-Ahhhh!".

For this guy I was thinking a really big savage or cannibal type, enslaved from the deepest depths of uncharted Africa would do the part.

I'm not all too hot on makers of Pulp figures - but I expect that there must be something out there that'll fit the bill. I'm not opposed to the idea that he be afflicted with gigantasism, so a ~40mm might be an idea?

Failing that, the Victorian age was one of discovery and wonder - and something akin to a 'desert Yeti' or some great African ape cannot be ruled out....

 photo original_zpsf642dba4.jpg

 photo willardpricecannibal_zps5241df24.jpg

 photo Photo1_zpsc7b22514.png

 photo franken_zpsa4930afe.gif

^ I know this is a picture from the Irish famine rather than Africa, but it illustrates what I'm going for.

So, anyone got any ideas?


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