Sunday, 20 July 2014

AQotMF British Infantry [1]

Hey Internet,

This week I've painted up a stand of British riflemen for 'All Quiet on the Martian Front'.

"But - what?!" I hear you say. 

"I'm quite sure sure that you said at the beginning of this year that you were not starting any new projects!" you continue.

But "ha!" say I, "I am not breaking my self-set rule! I said only that I would buy new figures for new projects - to put figures I already own to good use is the very intention of the ban!"

"...ah..." you must succeed, "...that's probably all-right then".

 photo DSC_0087_zpshsvynmpu.jpg

So, yeah...

I've painted up five British riflemen for 'All Quiet on the Martian Front'. 

The War of the Worlds has always been one of my favourite books, and something that I've always wanted to game. 

Yet, ''All Quiet" was not a game that I had previously given a second look, as on first glance. I found the tripods goofy and the tanks uninspired, but after a friend bought into it, I strayed onto the games webpage, and soon saw the new models for the BEF faction.

I'm not crazy about the 'official' miniatures - but luckily a friend of mine gave me a huge pile of Black Hat Martian Empires figures. They are the same strange '18mm' scale as AQotMF, so should do nicely.

I've plenty of infantry and a good battery of guns. The uniforms and weapons go against the 'cannon' of the game, but I'm really not too fussed about that. To this little force I'll add probably add some of the Heavy Infantry and a fair bit of armour.

Fortunately, most of the tanks I want don't exist in this scale yet - but between the centenary of the Great War, and Flames of War's new foray into the period, I only expect a short reprieve for my bank balance.

 photo DSC_0089_zpsfnm19lmz.jpg

Oh, and one more thing -

Something that all my wargaming friends mock me for is my habit of writing down exactly how I paint everything.

I have a good reason for doing it though - firstly, my memory is a bit 'iffi' nowadays, and secondly, I tend to jump between projects a heck of a lot, and being able to settle back into a project at will is an incredible luxury.

On the off chance that you really like these figures, here is how I painted them;

 photo DSC_0092_zpsijptxcxu.jpg


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