Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tsar Wars - Darth Vader - "The Dark Invader" (#2)

Hey all,

Following on from my last post, drawing from the ideas kindly put to me, I have a plan of how to go about making the Dark Invader*.

(* This pun is bad, even by newspaper standards. Please, someone come up with a better one!)

Body and arms from a Spartan Games 'Teutonic Knight Specialist', which I will re-pose to make more 'hulking';

 photo spartan_prussian_teutonic_teslaknight01_by_rancemeister-d5x16e3_zpse79e03a0.jpg

Helmet from a Dreamforge Games Eisenkern Stormtrooper;

 photo tr011_modified_zpsb06a39ba.jpg

 photo stormtrooper-assembled-01_zps97054574.jpg

Then for the 'Arc - Sabre', either an Armourcast Cinematic *thingy* or a large Games Workshop Power Sword, converted to replace the barrel/blade on the Teutonic Knight.

 photo ACFX017LargeEnergyBlast-500x500_zpsa597e12c.jpg

What do you think? - I'd be most interested to know.


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