Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Whether the Weather be hot, Whether the Weather be ROBOT

Good afternoon 'The Internet',

I'm waiting for my 12mm Cold War stuff to turn up so I can throw myself into that little project, but cursed by my nature I felt like painting something last night. I didn't want to set off on a new project that would inevitably take my butterfly mind off the cold war stuff, so I just rusted and weathered up my model of Liberty Prime.

DSCF1951_zpsb339e64a photo DSCF1951_zpsb339e64a.jpg
 "Liberty Prime is online. 
 All systems nominal. 
 Weapons hot. Mission: the destruction of any and all Chinese communists.

Its just a few washes of Rusty Brown and Orange mixed with some brown ink, applied liberally to the effected areas. I've tried to hide the terrible split lines and awful bits of sculpting on the model by making them features, marking them out with a crusty-rusty outline.

I might do something with the eye yet, give it a 'pupil' like GORT has in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. Not sure yet.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

What I painted today...

Hey Internet

I did a little painting today.
First up, a unit of five BA-10m Heavy Armoured Cars for my Flames of War force. Ive had these models for years, but they were in dire need of a repaint.

 photo DSCF1940_zpse9d64d14.jpg

Also, I’ve got the first phase of my 12mm Terrain project finished – all of the buildings that I own in this scale are now painted.

DSCF1941_zps056f17fb photo


Friday, 25 January 2013

Oh, Silly Mr. Marx.....

I just bought an entire Cold War Commander force from Minifigs. Whoops.

Will do a full project log when the stuff turns up!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Start of a Town

Hey Internet,

I fancied doing a little painting today, so I dragged out some old Pendraken buildings (12mm/1:144th Scale) and gave them a lick of paint. I've had the things for years, so its about time they got a good covering.

DSCF1902_zpsbedb061c photo DSCF1902_zpsbedb061c.jpg

This is just the first lot, I've got another ten or so on the sidelines waiting for their own treatment. I'm trying to paint them as 'modern' buildings, located in Africa, or Eastern Europe perhaps. I'm not sure yet.


Something a little different

This is sort of the first model in a new project.

A rusty improvised armoured car. 1/144th Scale, so only about 15mm long.

DSCF1898_zps2098c464 photo DSCF1898_zps2098c464.jpg


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Recreational Form Filling

Hey Internet,

I've spent the last few hours partaking in one of the cornerstones of the Wargame/Roleplaying hobby - Recreational Form Filling!

 photo Forms_zps0fe68e17.jpg

In particular, I have been generating characters for the Fallout Pnp RPG. The system is basicly a paper copy of Fallout 2, so the character creation is a little bit maths heavy, but its not that bad so long as you have a calculator to hand, and once you have the first wave of maths out of the way its just a simple percentile system.

Just as soon as I can find some friends who want to play, I'll run a game. Yeah!


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wells Wargames Club 17/01/2013

Hey Internet,

For the first time in several months I went to my local Wargames Club. I haven't been in a good 4 or so months now due to my life catching on fire and exploding over the last few months. But anyway, yeah, I went, and Intend to start going regularly once again.

 photo DSCF1857_zps00d617dc.jpg
I ran a zombie though a figure of eight around these barrels when my sniper rife ran dry. 

Nice Nick and 'Oh God Did I Say That Out Aloud?' Steve put a fun 'left for dead' zombie slasher game on for us. They were testing out their own rules for a zombie game. Went very well, but I was a little concerned at the lack of being eaten. But, keep in mind, we found a M72 LAW and used that to kill most things.

DSCF1865_zpsecf9c209 photo DSCF1865_zpsecf9c209.jpg
A poor little zombie, seconds before he got Axed in the face. R.I.P

Fun was had by all and much zombie brain was spilt.

 photo DSCF1856_zpscd3808eb.jpg
Zombies. Oh dear.


Unit 14 - Done!

Wazzup Internet!,

Here we go, pictures of my most recent Fallout Character, the robot Unit 14. This photo is better lit, but still on my shitey camera.

DSCF1866_zps59f724b1 photo DSCF1866_zps59f724b1.jpg

Painting wise, there nothing more than a two stage highlight and some ink washes on there. Only took about 2 hours.

Hope you like him.


Unit 14 - Painted

Hey Internet,

This is just a very quick post before I go to bed, showing the fully painted version of my most recent Fallout character Unit 14.


The Lighting is awful, and the base still needs to be finished, but Ive posted it up anyway. Why you may (but probably wont) ask did I not wait till tomorrow to take the photos and do this post, you know, with its good lighting and all?


Well, simply, I never, ever have the enthusiasm to quickly see a project though to the end in a short space of time. Seriously, If I know that there is a game coming up, it best be at least a month or two in advance for me to have any slither of a change of getting stuff ready for it. But, oh no, not this time. About a week ago I swapped some figures for this one with a nice chap in Norway, and the day after it got to my door, here it is, all painted up and nice like. I'm even going to make an effort to Stat the guy up tomorrow (for Fallout PnP).

So yeah, Robots.

But wait, that's not all!

I also got two 'Robbietrons' painted up. These are god awful miniatures from Black Cat Bases, that I love dearly. I mean, really, the sculpting is really truly dreadful, especially the total lack of strait lines, the finger prints, random divots &c, but for some reason I find them incredibly charming. I think I have 4 more somewhere waiting for a lick of paint. I'll do them as something other than this 'military' paint scheme.


Anyway, I'm off to bed, enjoy my shiny green and chrome robots.

Nite, MM.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Unit 14

Hello Internet,

As some of you know by now, I suffer from a terrible, debilitating illness. Whenever I get into a video game, even a little bit, I end up trying to model the characters from it. This is most noticeable with my minor addition to the Fallout series.

So anyway, we are back in the quagmire again, with me trying to model my character from the game, 'Unit 14'.


For those who play the game and have any sort of idea of what I am nattering on about, Unit 14 is a robot character, the one from this mod [http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/43732] armed with a Tommy Gun. From time to time he also makes use of a huge array of cool guns that he finds laying about near bodies, and bombs, lots of bombs.

I have already located the model that I will use for the basis, an AE:WWII 'American Robot Trooper'. The model looks pretty damned close to what I'm hoping to achieve  so little or perhaps no conversion work will be needed, just a snazzy paint-job.


I've even found a chap in Norway who is happy to swap a few bits for my desired figure. Hurrah!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Why no posts?

Hey People,

What with Christmas happening and my life slowly falling to bits I haven't been doing much in the way of modelling recently. Will try to do something soon though, so that I have something to blog.

It'll be fine....