Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wells Wargames Club 17/01/2013

Hey Internet,

For the first time in several months I went to my local Wargames Club. I haven't been in a good 4 or so months now due to my life catching on fire and exploding over the last few months. But anyway, yeah, I went, and Intend to start going regularly once again.

 photo DSCF1857_zps00d617dc.jpg
I ran a zombie though a figure of eight around these barrels when my sniper rife ran dry. 

Nice Nick and 'Oh God Did I Say That Out Aloud?' Steve put a fun 'left for dead' zombie slasher game on for us. They were testing out their own rules for a zombie game. Went very well, but I was a little concerned at the lack of being eaten. But, keep in mind, we found a M72 LAW and used that to kill most things.

DSCF1865_zpsecf9c209 photo DSCF1865_zpsecf9c209.jpg
A poor little zombie, seconds before he got Axed in the face. R.I.P

Fun was had by all and much zombie brain was spilt.

 photo DSCF1856_zpscd3808eb.jpg
Zombies. Oh dear.



  1. Fun is what counts! Nice looking table. Out of interest the guy in white suit in the first pic is he a Copplestone KKBB Figure?

    1. All the figures were Steve's. I think I have that figure, yeah, its the copplesone guy, with some converted stuff going on.