Friday, 14 February 2014

Odin Goldsmith

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Hey Internet,

You know when you just have a model on your painting table forever? I think that this one must have been waiting patiently at the back of my desk for the better part of two years - he's Odin Goldsmith, part of the Anima Tactics miniatures range.

I had great fun painting this one up. It was real easy - nothing more than a bit of dry-brushing followed by a good few ink washes and glazes. I felt that the model was really lacking something right at the end of painting it, so decided to add a light purple 'glowing eye-slit' effect to introduce a colour other than green into the frey. I think it looks far better for having done it, but cant escape feeling that it looks a little forced.

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I've not especially painted this model up to use as anything in particular, but there are many roles he may well take on. I've based him up like my 'Of Gods and Mortals' collection, mostly because this is my only 'Fantasy' Model Collection. I can see him fitting in well in a game of OGaM though, perhaps as a Jötunn or as any one of a number of Æsir. I've also strayed into the game Warmachine & Hordes recently, and as I don't really care for any of my chosen factions 'Warlocks', so he might well fit the bill for that project.

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At just a little over 40mm tall, this model would  make a nice God, particularly with the glowing eyes.

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A scale comparison with a 28mm figure.

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