Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Waste-landers and Raiders [Part 4]

Hey all.

Some more Post-Apocalyptic types. Enjoy!

Wasteland Sniper
First up an old GW figure. I painted it forever-ago, and have recently re-based it onto a hex. I rather like the figure.



Mr. Buttonsworth esq.
Next is a figure I converted for a RPG session. The Story was that he was a Millitary Robot that repaired itself with parts from a Museam Tourguide robot, resulting in him having delusions of being a kind-hearted Victorian String factory owner - determined to protect and look after the workers* in his factory**, with his revolver***.

* The workers were a bunch of Wastelanders who lived with his delusions due to the protection and food that he provided.
** His 'factory' was in fact a bunch of ruined buildings. The robot spent most of his time at his 'desk' in his 'office'....he stood in the middle of a ruined room.
*** His revolver was in fact a powerful laser cannon, which he insisted on reloading every six shots. You cant really reload the laser in question, so the robot just made 'reloading' sounds.


This model is just a plastic toy I found on the floor of my garage that I decided to paint up. Looks really nice considering.

 The Doc
A very nice miniature from Copplestone in a very badly taken photograph. This chap has yet to grace the gaming table, but Im sure he will before too long.




  1. Ok. I cropped all those Images. The uncropped versions no longer exist, and the links are connecting to the cropped version on the image hosting server. I do not understand that one. I bet this is either HAL or Skynet's doing...

  2. Great looking figures. Love the Larkin sniper figure one of my favourites of the old school figures.