Saturday, 3 November 2012

Reaver McCuttlass

Today we have a pair of models that I am really very fond of.

When I started this project I intended to do a miniatures based Role-Playing Game before I changed my mind and started playing Necromunda instead.

As part of that I made a few model pairs - a model at its starting level, and another to use a fair few sessions in when its got all the kit and experience.


This particular pairing is of my Dog, Reaver.

The models themselves are unaltered models from Irregular Miniatures. They are not the best miniatures in the world, but they are cheap and fit the bill. I like them.


The first model shows her as a ....... Dog.

The second model shows her quite far into the campaign, with body armour, a visor and laser rifles!


1 comment:

  1. One happy looking dog. Nice mini's I quite like Hasslefree's not Scooby gang for the before and after figures