Friday, 2 December 2011

...some more 1/1200 ships

I realise now that I left out a few ships last night. I had a migrane. That is my excuse. Eh-hem.

The Chilian Ironclad Almirante Cochrane (Huston) [Not happy with the guns at all - my bad not the models]


The Harbour Defence Ironclad 'HMVS Cerberus' (Brigade Models)


Note: This model is probably the best naval model I have ever had in this scale. I do wish that Brigade Models would make more of them.

The Fictional Turret-Ram 'HMS Thunderchild'


This model is converted from a WW1 Submarine Cruiser and has been made based on the descriptions and proposals for the type of ship that Wells describes in his famous novel. The most noticeable features that I have tryed to get accross are the 'turtleback' hull and the dagger shape.

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  1. Lovely additions they are too - the Thunderchild conversion is fantastic!

    And yes, I wish Brigade had a few more ships in their range too!