Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Few Great War 15s.

Hey all.

Between other things today I got a pair of 15mm figures painted....big achievement eh?

I placed a decent sized order to Peter Pig the other day to get all the little dudes that Im going to need for my Great War project, and given that I had a little time today I thought I would jump-the-gun and paint up some stuff whilst my enthusiam was amble.

I found out two random figures from the 'spares' box and gave them a lick of paint - a soviet officer (with his little stars filed off his cuffs) and an Italian 'Heroic Officer'. Both models are from battlefront and will do as officer types.

The models are really just to test out colour schemes. I'm rather pleased with them.

^ A French Master Sergent

^ A German Lieutenant

For the sake of it, here are some scale shots next to the tanks that I painted up the other day.



What do ya all think then?



  1. They awesome. What colour have you used for german tunic?

    1. Thanks. I painted these quite a while ago, but I assume it was Reaper 'Olive Green' with a little added cream in the highlights, and a good wash of thinned down Brown Ink.