Sunday, 14 April 2013

"A Threefur-Mc-Deefer in the world of Fallout"

Hey Internet,

Sorry for not posting for forever. 'Real Life' has been getting in the way again. However, I've just come back from a nice relaxing holiday in rural south Wales, and whilst I was there I got a little painting done. I thought I'd take the effort to pop up some pictures on here.


 photo DSCF2111_zpsb396b9b1.jpg

First up is a little robot. Its a model that I got around 2 years ago from Black Tree Design (Part of their Dr. Who range). Its spent at least a year of that time primed up and ready to go on my painting table.

The design is superbly looks like a toaster with legs and glass valves on its shoulders  Love its miserable facial expression.

No idea what I'll use it for in games, but I'm sure it'll find its way in somehow (if I ever fit a game in that is).

Ben the Mutant

 photo DSCF2113_zpsf021e467.jpg

Next up is this mutant. Its a model that a friend gave me a few weeks ago, that he found whilst he was clearing out his storage locker. Its an old model made by Spartan Games yonks ago, so I think its OOP now. 

 photo DSCF2114_zpsa80698d3.jpg

Nice little model really. Has robotic legs, a pistol and a base-ball bat - should fit in in my post-apocalyptic setting. Painted up nice and easy. 

Post-Apocalyptic Giant

 photo DSCF2115_zpse4dcf0c7.jpg

This is another model that has been sitting on my painting table forever. Like, literately, based and under-coated for ages. For as long as I've had the table! I don't know why I hadn't been able to muster the enthusiasm to get him painted up, but now he is I am rather fond of him.

 photo DSCF2116_zpsb3e3f2ab.jpg

The model is from Ramshakle Games and I can remember it being dirt cheap. Its a really big, imposing model and it was only a few quid. However, there is sort of a reason for that. The sculpting isn't the best, and its cast out of some of the smelliest, foulest resin that I've ever come across. The casting quality was rather bad too, with the mould being misaligned about a millimetre,  meaning that I had to chisel and re-sculpt a fair bit of the left leg. It wasn't too much work though. 

I also thought that the sword in the right hand looked a little silly, so I replaced it with a hook. Despite all that, the model is packed with character (particularly the teddy bear back-pack) and looks rather nice once you get a lick of paint on it.


  1. Great figures and painting. I wish I could take soem stuff away on hilday with me but the kids get in the way and if they don't then the piles of their stuff does.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. This was the one and only time I think I'll bother taking some painting on holiday with me. Transporting models and paint to wherever I'm going then setting up a painting area ect is just such a faff that it takes all the fun out of it.