Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Find me a Centurion!

Hey Internet,

I've been playing the rather fantastic Mental Omega mod for Red Alert 2 rather a lot for the last two days. If your a fan of Red Alert, give it a try. Its fantastic. Honestly.

If you've not played Red Alert 2, go download it now. Like. Seriously. Stop reading. Go play it.

Wait, no, keep reading. I need a hand with something.

As with just about every computer game to ever cross my screen, one unit has jumped out in particular as something that must be owned in miniature.

This time, its the Chinese Centurion Walker.

 photo RA2_Centurion_Desert_Concept_zpsb67f36a8.jpg

Its the biggest, meanest thing in the game, and as such deserves its place on my gaming table. Like, its a giant Chinese siege robot that topples tanks and crushes entire bases single handedly.

The plan is to integrate it into my 6mm "Monster Kaiju Battle Hour" project. Should fit in seamlessly as part of the Soviet force.

 photo 1365952309centurionfull1_zpsb2da27be.png

So - I put it to you 'the internet' - I know there has to be a model out there that would fit the bill for this one.

I'm not looking for an exact facsimile- just a model that encompass all of the 'spirit' of the thing - a big cannon walking on three or four mechanical legs - perhaps even with the bunker complex on its back.

Doesn't want to be too big though. Size wise, I'm thinking that it should be no much larger than about 40mm in height. It's 6mm after all. Will go larger if the model is nice though.

So - give me your suggestions!

Mr. Marx.

PS. This is only a small 'one model' detraction. I'm still plunging away at the All Quiet stuff at the moment.

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