Friday, 5 November 2010


peru flag

"Surprising the world with their victory over Chile in the 1879 War of the Pacific, the Republic of Peru enjoyed a period of great economic and military growth throughout the 1880s. The main cause of this rapid growth were vast quantities of the raw materials required to produce Cavorite, a compound transparent to gravity, found in deep below the Atacama Desert. These raw materials gained the interest of almost all of the great European powers, bringing with them a great amount of heavy industry and capital, endowing Peru with a great boom in financial wealth. However, this came at a heavy price. The warlike gaze of many nations looked to this nation, both rich in the greatest resource that any nation’s military could wish for but outside the spheres of influence of the great European powers. The fruit of the Atacama Desert would be both the blessing and the curse of the nation, bringing with it two wars by the end of the 19th century, the Imperial Reclamation of Spain, and the Invasion of the USA."

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