Thursday, 4 November 2010

Robur's Albatross

“The involvement of what the press reported as ‘magnificent craft’, first in the War of the Pacific, then in the subsequent Spanish Reclamation and then again in the Invasion of 1899, has long been a mystery to all observers, including Peruvian Command themselves. These enigmatic machines appeared and involved themselves unaccountably, showing themselves to be of superior science and design to anything else known to the world, constantly harassing shipping and even being present at major engagements. The only accountable theory for their presence is that these men of magnificent scientific ability, whomever they should be: dissidents or anarchists, were working outside of the scientific circles of the world, and had logically then chosen to take up residence previously undisturbed areas of South America or the remote islands of the Pacific.”


After seeing the rather good go at Robur’s Albatross from the scientific romance ‘Robur the Conquer’ on [] I thought I’d try my hand at converting my own idea of the machine. It’s a simple little thing, a 1:1200 model of the Confederate Ironclad ‘CSS Stonewall Jackson’ (By Navwar) with added rotor-masts made from spare Areonef masts (by Brigade Models) and a few other bits and bobs . It was really easy to make, I just cut down the masts and put them into holes Id drilled in the hull of the ironclad. I attempted to get it close to the description in the book as I could, and I don’t think it’s too far off. The main differences are that I’m 3 rotor-masts short and I painted the thing bright red. I’m not sure what I think about the supposed rotor blades, but I think they’ll do for this one.

It’s 1:1200(ish) scale and is going to be used as aeronef support for my upcoming campaign, the Spanish Imperial reclamation of South America.


With this one finished I’m just waiting on my submarine to turn up so I can convert it into Nemo’s Nautilus.

Do please tell me what you think, I’d love to know. This is my first ‘blog’ entry, ever.

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