Thursday, 3 February 2011

Brunel's Sea Monster

Hey All
I’ve just finished a model of one of my favourite ships, Brunel’s SS Great Britain.  


I couldn’t find a model of this ship in 1/2400 scale, so I converted one from Thoroughbred Figures 1/600 model of the Confederate blockade runner ‘Banshee’. The two ships were both constructed along the same hull plan with a very similar hull to beam ratio, and Banshee was just about a quarter of the length of the Great Eastern. I simply drilled holes at points along the centreline of the hull for the six masts, five funnels and the flag pole, which I then added from brass and plastic rod. I think she looks the part, if not as a model at least as a gaming peice.



I should have it painted over the weekend, and when I do I’ll pop up a few pictures of her, along with others of the Great Western and Great Britain.


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