Monday, 22 August 2011

Ottoman Navy - First Three.

Ive have got the first three of my Ottomen Ironclads up and ready, giveing me enough to play a game. Yippie.

The large and powerful Ironclad Frigate, Messudieh. She has a main armliment of twelve (!) 10" muzzle-loaders.

The Ironclad Corvettes Avni Illah and Muin-I-Zaffer. Both are compact and powerful ships, each armed with with four 9" guns and procted by a good thickness of armour. Very powerful for their size, they can confidently lock horns with the larger ships of the Russian fleet.

I dont know how well these photos show it, but these ships are painted dark green rather than the usual 'ironclad grey', as as far as I can tell, the ottoman navy was painted green thoughout swathes of the late 1800s and early twentyeth centry. Im rather happy with them. Not sure if the dark green looks so great really, but they dont look awful. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

Over the next few days (by the weekend) I plan most of the rest of the ships I have painted and ready for battle, including some nice paddle-sloops and the worlds last and most advanced Ship of the Line. I have also (finaly) got around to ordering some RE magnets, so can my pile of airships into the air as soon as they get here.

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  1. I wouldn't say 'confidently lock horns' about those two ironclads after their last outing! :)