Saturday, 19 November 2011

M1 Power Armoured Infantry Platoon

Recently, a few of my friends and I have decided that it would be rather fun to extend our games of Flames of War into 1946 and beyond. Our plan is to play out Cold War games between the West and the Soviets in the years following the end of the Second World War. Plan is to expand our current forces (mostly Late War Fow) with post war units that we will stat up and playtest amongst ourselves – a combination of real-world military equipment from the immediate post war period & early 1950’s, and units of the likes of those seen in pulp science fiction boy’s-own adventures.

My first unit in this new-departure is a platoon of American Special forces in state-of-the-art Powered Armour to provide support to my Polish resistance forces in their struggle against their new Soviet oppressors. 

 ^ The unit all together

  ^ The Command Unit

  ^ The Anti-Tank Section

 ^ The Infantry Teams

 ^ The Machine Gun Section


HQ Section with;

-          2 Squads for 250 pts

-          3 Squads for 350 pts


-          Add up to two M1945 Machine Gun Teams for 40 pts per team.

-          Add up to two ‘Big Bazooka’ Teams for 40 pts per team.

Equip ‘Big Bazooka’ Teams with ‘Fat Boy’ sub-atomic rounds for 20 pts per team.

Rating - Confident Trained

In 1942 preparation began for the likely invasion of the Japanese mainland. Amongst various
other research projects the ‘M1 Power Armoured Suit’ was developed. The Armoured Suit was 
designed with the intention of providing a heavy weapons support platform that would be able 
to navigate broken terrain otherwise inaccessible to vehicles. The end product was a suit of steel 
armoured plates, all but resistant to small arms fire, supported and propelled by an internal system
of hydraulic rams, all powered by a back mounted diesel-electric-turbine. Although they saw little 
action against the Japanese, they proved themselves a well-received addition to US special 
operations units operating on the European mainland.
-          This unit receives a ‘+1’ to skill tests in close combats.
-          This unit always counts as if being in bulletproof cover, even when moving. This roll is made 
in addition to a regular firepower test for being in bulletproof cover.
-          This unit is required to take 10 hits rather than five before becoming pinned.
-          This unit is susceptible to ‘bogging’ in exactly the same way as vehicles.

Gun                                                       Mobility              Range  RoF        Anti-Tank          Firepower          Notes

Automatic Rifle                                 Infantry                  16”         3              2                             5+                          

M1945 Machine Gun                      Man-Packed            24”        6              2                             6+     RoF 2 if Pinned.

110mm ‘Big Bazooka’                     Man-Packed           12”         1              12                           4+     Tank Assault 4.

- firing ‘Fat Boy round’ bombardments                24”        -          4                      4+

The minitures themselves are from alternitive army's 15mm Science Fiction Knights with the exeption of the commander model, who is (I think) a Space Goblin in Power Armour.

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