Monday, 4 February 2013

Cold War Commander Soviets: Part 2

Hey Internets,

I thought that Id pop up a little update on my Cold War Commander stuff showing what I got done today.

I got three BTR-80s painted up. They still need basing and varnishing, but that is only a very small amount of work, so I count them as being done. These are very nice models from Minifigs, and aside from the pain of gluing the 8 wheels on to each one of them, they are lovely little things.

 photo DSCF1994_zps37b3a3eb.jpg

This, for those that are interested, is my jam jar of Black Ink.

 photo DSCF2011_zps0a6af395.jpg

Why a jam jar, you may ask? Because the pots that the stuff comes in are crap, and the lid exploded, so I needed a nice airtight container to put it in. Its surprisingly handy to use - its real easy to get just the right amount on ink on your brush by rubbing it on the inside of the jar.

I also finished putting together my four T-62s. Minifigs again. They went together without any trouble, and are nice models overall. I'm sure they will look the part after a nice paint job. Lots of fiddly lights and windows for me to paint. Not sure why, but painting the glass effects is proving to be my favourite part of doing these models.

 photo DSCF2004_zps9e3f707a.jpg

And here is a picture of everything that Ive done to date;

 photo DSCF2009_zpsa8f7889f.jpg

So Far...
3 T-10m
3 BTR-80
Total: 6 Units


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