Sunday 3 February 2013

Wells Club Game Thursday 31st Jan 2013: Steve's X-Com

Hey Internet,

Had another really fun game at the club the other night.

 photo DSCF1963_zpsf06a13df.jpg
Deploying out of our VTOL to investigate the weird alien glowy-things. 

'Oh God I said that out allowed' Steve put on a fun game for us all, using his own rules (that were really rather good) based on the X-Com computer game. I've never played X-Com before, but the other people playing the game who had agreed that the rules really had the 'feel' of the video game.

 photo DSCF1966_zps2b8bd29b.jpg
Tactical Petter-Pot manoeuvres in action.

Even though I dident know the background, it was a hoot-and-a-half. Our squad of four rookie troopers dropped into town in our VTOL, with the mission to kill as many of the aliens as we could.

 photo DSCF1967_zps5f73885c.jpg
A Shoot-out with some spaceteepaste eaters hiding in cover. 

The game was fun, using a simple but very enjoyable mix of D10 and D6 mechanics that was a real   breath of fresh air after all the overtly intense and complicated wargames that I have been playing recently.

 photo DSCF1973_zps32090511.jpg
Everything goes to crap as the big nasty aliens, with their bigger nastier guns, kill everything. 

I did die quite early on, but I didn't mind as it was still fun to watch, and their is a pub directly across from the club.

If at first you don't succeed, drink, drink and drink again...

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