Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day in Khiva

Hey Internet,
I've accentually got a bit of painting done this week. I had two days off last with a nasty virusy bug thing, but put the time to good use, wrenching models off their naff old bases and glueing them on to pennys.

The bases are just fine gravel with tuffts of static grass.

They are painted with a simple 3 stage drybrush of Coat 'd Arms (CdA) Barbarian Leather, followed by CdA Mid Stone, followed by Games Workshop (GW) Kommando Kaki over a base coat of CdA Chocolate Brown.

So, here they are, with their new bases.

Some Russians. Figures are from Eureka, with a converted West Wind Officer in the background.
 photo DSCF2166_zpsc9b2a819.jpg

Some Arab Types. These figures are from all over the place, and not least I am not happy with them. And I need more. Lots more.
 photo DSCF2170_zpsb554a8fa.jpg

And of course a few colonial adventurers. All from Wargames Foundry.
 photo DSCF2169_zps4b9bfd05.jpg

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