Saturday, 11 May 2013

Central Asian Magnetism

Hey Internet,

Just a very quick update. This week I have cracked on with the worryingly enjoyable task of re-basing all of my colonial russian/khivan stuff. Getting to around the 60 figure mark now. I also painted four whole russians!

Slightly more interestingly, due to my immense irritation with bent bayonets,  I have gone from storing my figures in foam boxes to storing them in lined box files.

I started out by lining the boxes with steel paper and attaching base magnets to my models, but that did not work out. The base magnets doubled the thickness of the model's bases, amongst some other things.

 photo DSCF2176_zps6c954b0c.jpg

Rather grumpy that I had spent £20 on magnets that looked crap, I then found out that pennys are made of brazen steel rather than copper nowerdays, and are as a result magnetic! That meant I could just line the file boxes with cheap magnetic sheeting and they'd stick to that's what I did.

 photo DSCF2179_zpsc5ab872f.jpg

The magnetic attraction this way round isn't as good as having magnets on the models, but it is far cheaper and the models don't look awful, so its a winner on balance. The attraction isnt bad by any means though, as this photo shows they are happy to be lent on a 45 degree angle without any of them moving - so its plenty good enough to keep them safe on the back seat of a car.

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