Friday, 7 June 2013

Assorted Painting

Hey Internet,

I did some painting and thought I'd blog it up.

First up, a large siege howitzer for my Russian Colonial project. Its a foundry model from their Franco-Prussian war range. It used to be painted a nasty blue, but now its a nice green.
 photo DSCF2194_zps19996d84.jpg

I've also been expanding my minor horde of Russian infantry over the last few weeks...
 photo DSCF2195_zpsaf834e74.jpg

and adding to my assortment of 'other Victorian and vsf things' Automaton....Nicola Tesla....the Tsar of all of Russia.....Miss Marple.....
 photo DSCF2196_zpsa26f4d72.jpg

Ive also got a pair of 1/2400th scale Ironclads painted, the HMS Dreadnought and the HMS Ajax. Both are new models from Tumbling Dice, and are really rather nice. The Ajax in particular.
 photo DSCF2198_zps8caf03ac.jpg

 photo DSCF2199_zps61188062.jpg

My last little effort to show off is a bit of an odd ball really - a space ship. Ive not done any space ship gaming in yonks (at least 5 years!), but I saw this model a bit roughed up at the bottom of a box and thought Id give it a lick of paint. Ive had the model for ages. I think its a Battletech something-or-other, not sure what thought.
 photo DSCF2202_zps1aa18568.jpg
Using my crappy, highly dangerous Dremel like thing that I got from Lidil ages ago I mounted it on a nice acrylic flying stand (from Spartan Games).
 photo DSCF2200_zps799d4a04.jpg
Its Green with green and red bits because I watched an old episode of Star Trek recently and felt like painting something up vaguely Kingony.
 photo DSCF2203_zps91bad564.jpg
I'll need to play some Full Thrust now....



  1. Nice wourk all round sir. Especially nice wourk on ajax and dreadnought, how do you do the shadeing round the edge of the white?

  2. Hey 'ofdiceandtinymen'. Thanks for the kind words. I paint the white starting with a light grey, progressively adding more white as I highlight them up, then go round the edges of turrets and other big flat areas with a heavily watered down pure white edge highlight.


  3. Nice thanks for the info I'll give it a go on mine. I was trying somthing similar but this looks better

    1. Glad to help - I'll look forward to seeing them ;). I just clicked had a look at your blog - your ships look far better than mine!


    2. Dont no about that but I'm having a lot of fun painting them :)