Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Space-Pirate Dreadnought Ramona

Hey Internet,

The other night I finished my most recent project, the Space-Dreadnought Ramona. 

Named after the most beautiful flower of them all, she is currently serving as the flagship of a band of Space Pirates in the outer reaches of the known Universe.

 photo DSCF2233_zpsaf509045.jpg

Very soon (in fact, as soon as I finish uploading this post) she will have statistics and rules so that she can be used in games of 'Full Thrust'.

 photo DSCF2239_zps27eca4ed.jpg

The model itself is a Spur Class Heavy Cruiser from Spartan Games' 'Firestorm Armada' line, part of their Syndicate faction. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most fantastic looking space-ships that I have ever seen what with its sleek, evil looking 50's curves and big ball-shaped turrets.

 photo DSCF2238_zpsf8f7b91a.jpg

Because of its retro design, I thought I'd paint it in a nice two-tone 'classic car' colour scheme like the one here;

 photo BMW-Classic-prewar-black-darkred_zps2cbd352e.jpg

I'm really happy with my handy-work, but what do you think?



  1. Oh man that is a sweet looking star ship. The paint scheme really makes it.

  2. Thats is a gorgeous looking ship, nice colour choice as well.