Friday, 14 June 2013

Admiral Lazarev and Greig.

Hey Internet,
I painted some more ships and thought I'd put them up on me old blog.
In an effort to make my Ironclad games a little more balanced, I've done two of the most powerful warships in the Tsar Alexander's navy, the Admiral Lazarev and the Admiral Greig.

 photo DSCF2227_zps05f3cea8.jpg
Both were interesting ships, both triple-turreted Frigates. Despite their appearance and low freeboard they were not monitors but sea-going warships.

The models are triple-turreted ACW monitors from 'Tumbling Dice's 1/2400th Range. Like all ships in this scale that dont have sails they were a joy to paint and took near to no time to get finished.

I've also, well, glued a little bit of paper to, the my model of the Great Eastern, meaning that she is now finished and ready for battle.

 photo DSCF2228_zps1454b355.jpg

Ive got some more bits on the go, will post them once they are done.



  1. Veary nice wourk as always sir. Do you nind if I ask wich model you used from the TD range for the triple turreted monitors?


    1. Hey - thanks for the kind words. The base model is the Ronanoke from the set "ASV50 USS Roanoke & Keokuk (Monitors)". The Ronanoke is very nice, but the the Keokuk only shares a passing similarity to her historical namesake, which is a shame.

    2. Nice thanks, think I'll pick some up they look cool.a few of the acw ships are a bit off from the ships there ment to represent but I guess that lets them stand in for others

  2. Oh I say they are rather splendid.