Monday, 29 July 2013

Cargo Ships

What-ho Internet!

Painted some more spaceships. This time some Spartan Games/Firestorm Armada Planetary Transports.

 photo IMG_1312_zps560ca3a9.jpg

I've had the models knocking about for ages, but finally got round to painting them up. They are rather nice, I quite like the design - really they 'look' like Cargo ships.

Painting them up was nice and quick and easy - just drybrushing and inkwashes to bring out the surface details really. I added a few nice bright colours and stuff to

 photo IMG_1313_zps2790e2c1.jpg

They will soon be pressed into service as targets for my Pirates to loot and plunder.


  1. I like those.

    Interestingly I cannot tell what end is what! Bow with engine nacelles or stern with engines?

    1. I think the end with the nacelles is the front and the pointy end is the least thats how Im going to treat it....


  2. I lile the look of those too; posts like this do tempt me towards Firestorm Armada.