Sunday, 6 October 2013

Zomtober 2013: Week 1

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Hey Internets,

Whilst mucking about on-line I came across an interesting tit-bit on the Lead Adventure Forum. A chap called 'leonmallett' was giving people the opportunity to join in with 'Zomtober', a month long painting challenge with a zombie theme. Being a nilly-muggins I've signed up to join in.

The rules, as I've understood them, are simple. Paint one or more Zombie or Survivor model a week and upload the pictures before the deadline. Easy.

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I never seem get anything painted, and even more never upload anything on this here blog of mine - so at the very least this group painting project should give me a nice kick up the arse to get some stuff done. Might be fun too, you never know.

Anyway, without any further adieu here is my first entry for Zomtober 2013.

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^ Ten assorted Zombies.

I've never been into 'Zombie Gaming', so unlike the vast majority of wargamers I know,  both my figure cases and lead-pile have long been free of the un-dead menace. This, combined with my vow not to buy any more miniatures until I've cleared my substantial backlog, made even finding a zombie to paint a bit of a challenge, but somehow I've managed to find ten of the buggers.

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^ Most are plastic zombies that I found on a sprue in my spares box. God knows where they came from. I cant remember buying them, and their is only one and a half sprues of them. Weird. The detail on them is a very soft, and they are made of plastic - somthing that I'm never happy about - but I think they look at least passable with a little lick of paint.

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^ Two more are repainted Hero/HorrorClix models that I managed to dig out. The pain and frustration involved in removing mould lines from bendy, flaky, rubbery models is something that I don't want to have to experience again for some time to come.

 photo DSCF2549_zpsafa4384a.jpg

^ The last two are random 'Civilian' models that I picked up an age ago from Black Cat Bases a few years ago and never did anything with. The sculpts are not great, particularly in respects to the lady with the shopping bags, who has the largest head in the world, but they have a charm to them and will make fine additions to the shambling horde.

The highlight of the week was getting to whip out the 'Tamiya Clear Red' to do all the blood effects. There's nothing better than getting out a big brush and slapping a load of the stuff all over a model you've just spent ages painstakingly highlighting.

Whatta' you think?

Mr. Marx


  1. I need to follow your example and get a bit more daring with the blood.

    Excellent work.

  2. These look great but what are you going to paint for the rest of the month?

    1. I really don't know. I think I can scrounge up a few more 'zombies'. Maybe. But I've got plenty of Survivor types in the lead mountain.

  3. What a wonderful start, love the gore!