Friday, 18 October 2013

The Far-Seer

Bonjour L'Internet,

Today I'm sharing another of my old figures that has been refurbished to see the table once more.

Back in the days of my youth I sported a rather nasty to look at teal and purple (suffragette?) Eldar War Host, lead into battle by an experienced Far Seer. For a good few years this figure, once the pride of my collection was stuffed, unprotected, into an old shoe box. A few weeks ago I came across this battered relic, chipped and gnarled, and being a sentimental old sod concluded that he deserved to be repaired.

 photo DSCF2593_zpsecf538af.jpg

Once I had bent the staff, helmet thingy and sword into the right shape, it was a fairly simple matter to  tart this model up. I kept to the original base colours as best I could, and just added layers of highlighting and ink-washes. The other big thing was that I went though and painted in all the little bits of detail, all the jem-stone and whatnot, which I think makes it look far better than it did previously.

It didn't help that since I first painted this figure Games Workshop has re-done their paint range three(!) times, but as I own a worrying vast collection of other companies paints it wasn't all too hard to mix-up some matching colours.

 photo DSCF2594_zps636f86e6.jpg

I have absolutely no intention of getting back into 'Warhammer 40,000' again, but still think I can make sure of this rather strange looking miniature in my mash-up post-apocalyptic setting. I'm not sure what as at the moment though. Maybe a spaceman trapped on earth? or a strangely dressed tribal leader or witchdoctor?  No idea. 

I think I did pretty all-right with this one. What do you think?

Mr. Marx

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