Wednesday, 16 October 2013

'Da Boss

Hey Internets,

I did a bit of painting and thought I'd share it on here.

 photo DSCF2589_zps2e987aa4.jpg

I've recently gotten myself a copy of 'Savage Worlds', the Miniatures Role Playing Game, and have started picking out miniatures from my old projects for re-use. My ability to paint has come on somewhat over the last decade, so I'm giving these figures a pretty substantial 're-vamp' to bring them in line with stuff that I have painted more recently as part of my post-apoc project.  I thought that doing this would be a simple matter of adding an extra layer of highlighting here and there, but as it turns out, I used to be really bad at painting, and all of the figures I am currently working on are being virtually re-painted.

 photo DSCF2591_zps20fd9df3.jpg

As far as I can remember this figure is some kind of Imperial Guard character produced by Games Workshop a while back. I've painted him up in the colours of a Sci-fi Cartel Boss, as I think that a few sessions doing deals with, or dealing with, the crime lords of the Den and New Reno could make for some fun roleplaying. I know I've got some other Copplestone Castings gangsters lurking in the lead pile somewhere, so expect to see those painted up on here soon.

Mr. Marx

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