Sunday, 13 October 2013

Zomtober 2013: Week 2

Hey Internets,

Here's my offerings for the second week of 'Zomtober 2013'. I've been a bit preoccupied this week, so I haven't managed as much as last time, but I'got something to show at least.

As I said in last weeks Zomtober Post, I am neither a 'zombie' gamer, nor do I have anything in the way of a backlog of living dead to get painted I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel a little.

Anyway, without further adieu....


 photo DSCF2603_zps4fc2e448.jpg

"Secretly preserved immediately after his 'death' in 1945, the remains of the Fuhrer were transported, by aeroplane, to the last of the secret German naval bases remaining operational in the eastern Baltic, before being transported once more, this time by submarine, to Buenos Aires. 

As time took the lives of the last of the German escapees, the remains of the Fuhrer moved into private ownership - proving priceless on the black market to 'collectors' sympathetic towards certain political ideas.

It was not long before it passed into the hands of a man who's immorality nearly matched that the former Fuhrer himself, and an attempt at resurrection was made. The result was a monster."

 photo DSCF2604_zps82c0d2ad.jpg

A Zombie and a Baby

 photo DSCF2605_zpsd1f93dac.jpg

So this one is not a zombie, or is it?

Horror is generally all about context. Not every zombie has to be a blood soaked, arm failing loon to be scary. In fact their are so many of those knocking about that they really are not that scary at all. I think that the idea of a member of the living dead cradling a child to be kinda spooky, don't you?

This figure is from Black Cat bases. Its not the best sculpt in the world, but its got plenty of character and painted up nice and quick.

 photo DSCF2606_zps5521f81b.jpg

Or, at least, it'll add to the horde....

 photo DSCF2608_zps9c11b940.jpg


  1. Great looking figures, love the woman and the baby...

  2. Absolutely stunning! Love both the the woman is certainly rather chilling!