Monday, 21 October 2013

Zomtober 2013: Week 3

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Hey Internets,

I'm a little late uploading my Zomtober entry this week, but I don't really care. I had everything ready Saturday morning, but to my infinite displeasure all my friends wanted to spend loads of time with me over the weekend, leaving me with very little time to sit alone in the dark and put pictures of zombies on the internet.

But, well, yes, anyway...

This week I have painted a trio of Zombie Nuns, and the ruins of their devastated Church.

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The Nuns are repainted Hero/HorrorClix models. I got them as part of a big collection of Clicky stuff a few years ago, so cost almost nothing. I've had them laying around in a box somewhere for ages, with no real idea what to use them for - but a dab of blood on just about anything makes them a zombie!

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^ Sister Bleeding From the Eyes 

As ever getting the mold-lines and chunks of thick paint off them was a pain on account of their rubbery nastiness, but otherwise the models are all-right. Like most clicky models the detail on them is very light, but they aren't that bad. Their poses are a touch strange, but the whole ' flailing-arm whilst twerking' thing lets them fit in fairly well with 'the horde'.

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^ Sister Nosebleed

Having little in the way of details and wearing habbits, the Nuns painted up really fast and were great fun. After a few layers of drybrushed grey and a couple ink washes for the black, and a few layers of palid flesh tones all there was left to do was crack out the Clear Red to do the gore.

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^ Sister GapingMaw

I spent far longer this week working on the church itself. I'll show more pictures when its finished, as its part of a much larger Post-Apocalyptic terrain project. The intention is to build a shanty-town come fortress established inside the blown-out remains of a cathedral, called 'Cathedral City'. I know the pun is terrible. You don't need to tell me.

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Anyway, what do you think?

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^ Well, Priests will be Priests....

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  1. Suitably icky; kudos. Zombie nuns - whatever next? :)