Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Reading Show 2013 - The Haul

Hey 'The Internet',

I managed to make it along to the Reading Wargames show last Saturday. It was the same as it was last year. Plenty of shops and a array of demonstration, club and torment games on show.

I did a fair bit of shopping - so here my haul:

 photo DSCF2725_zps4b9cebd2.jpg

First up, I went to the Peter Pig stand and got everything that I needed to finish off my 15mm Polish Resistance project.

I got a pretty neat 'battle hardened' Pz.IV to round out the armoured options and some extra SS and French Resistance figures to make up the last few Infantry teams that I have missing.

As ever I got a little carried away and got myself some extra bits - some hand carts to go with my artillery pieces (to give them a 'ramshackle' feel) and some Pak-40 guns to replace the wrenched ones I currently have.
- - - - -

 photo DSCF2726_zps2f3a79b6.jpg

From the EM-4 stand I got myself some white D8 dice and a nice Bishop figure. The dice are to add to my 'white dice' collection that I am putting together for my secret project, and the Bishop is to go with my zombie-nuns that I painted during Zomtober.
- - - - -

 photo DSCF2727_zps760856df.jpg

I also visited the lovely chap at the Tumbling Dice stand, a terrible habit I have been suffering from for about 3 years. I went to him with the simple intention of getting two of his new 'HMS Shah' models to stand in as Russian heavy ironclad frigates - but that didn't work.

As it turned out, since I'd last seen him he'd brought out some fantastic mid-victorian French Ironclads. To cut a long story short, I walked away with my wallet far lighter, and with a whole new fleet to paint.
- - - - - 

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