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HMS Saint George

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Developed, designed and commissioned in the immediate aftermath of the Second Battle of London, the HMS Saint George was the first bio-mechanical hybrid, or ‘biomech’, to be constructed by the United Kingdom in Fortress Britannia's struggle against the Kaiju.

Designed around the tentatively understood scientific principles discovered during the examination of the Second Beast’s remains, the Saint George, like all biomechs, is the result of the melding of a gargantuan, genetically engineered homo-sapien with cutting edge military hardware.

However, as capable a machine was the Saint Geroge is, it was the identity of the Saint Geroge’s pilot that venerated her into the global popular consciousness.

This pilot was, of course, none other than King William V.  

This was, of course, a decision made by chance rather than by choice. Following a nation wide genetic examination, King William V was found to be amongst only a handful of individuals in all of the United Kingdom able to make a psychosynchronous connection. Of all of those that could, King William alone was the only one with combat experience, having flown with the RAF against both the Russian Federation and the Kaiju menace.

In the end, after much argument over the wisdom of placing a head of state directly into harm's way, Parliament gave their approval, and construction began.

The contract was awarded to BAE Systems, who in turn called upon the assistance of the finest scientific and technological institutions in the country to construct Saint George.

The primary stage cloning process was carried out at the University of Cambridge. At the end of the first trimester, the embryo was transferred to an undisclosed subterranean facility thought to be somewhere in the area of Chatham, London. After nine months of incubation and a further two of outfitting, the HMS Saint George became the primary combat unit of the British armed forces.


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This figure is the character 'High Arbiter Arkeid' from the Anima Tactics miniatures game.

Whilst all the Anima Tactics figures that I have had have been superbly sculpted and cast, their unique anime style tends to leave them rather spindly and prone to breaking. This figure originally had a long spear, however, despite storing it in a foam carry-case the spear repeatedly bent under its own weight - so in the end I cut it down into its current 'flaming sceptre' form, which is a shame.

I originally painted it up to be a 'War Strider' in a 10mm Exaulted Fantasy game that never came to fruition. All I have done is re-base the figure and add a few highlights here and there to bring it in line with figures that I have painted more recently.

Hope you like him!


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The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +0       Painted: +1          Total: +1

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