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This week I've got my Sandalphon's little friends - four 'Land-Sharks'.

I had these models ready and waiting on my painting table for a few weeks before mustering up the enthusiasm to put brush to undercoat. I've no idea why - they are really nice models, and now that I've finally got round to getting them done I'm really rather happy with the end result.

As with my last 'Hordes' model, I plan on using these little fellas in both my Savage Worlds campaign and for games of WarmaHordes.

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Land-Shark: Orange

The Models
The models are more from Privateer Press' 'Hordes' range - 'Shredders' from their 'Legion of Everblight' faction.

They are really nice little things. The sculpts really are tip-top quality and the design is really fun - they're just teeth with legs!

They are based on ~30mm washers for the purposes of working out how big they are. Each one is about 20mm tall and, depending on how you pose the legs, 20mm - 35mm long.

Like their Bigger Brother, they are cast in Privateer Press' weird plastic/resin stuff. It captures the details fine, but is a bit of a pain in the arse to clean up.

I'm starting to get the hang of working with the stuff now. After much trial and error I have come to the realisation that files will make the plastic crumble and splinter. Using a scalpel with a cutting motion works far better, only resorting to using files on areas that a blade will not work on.

I've found that a stiff toothbrush is really handy too. A good hard scrub appears to be the best way to clean off the scraggly bits of plastic that filing leaves behind.

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Land-Shark: Blue

When I finally got round to painting them it, was really rather easy. I just used the same black and bone colours that I used on the big shark.

I painted each Shark's bony carapace bits a different colour so that I could differentiate them on the battlefield.  

It was all drybrushing, ink washes and filling in the details with a small brush, so in all it took me two short evening painting sessions to get them done - perhaps 3 or 4 hours in total. 

They are not the best paint-jobs in the world, and these these super close-ups make them look a bit 'rough', but I am quite happy with them.
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Land-Shark: Khaki

I've based the figures on washers that exactly match the dimensions of the 'official' Warmachine/Hordes bases. In Warmachine/Hordes bases sizes are a big 'thing', so I made sure to get them right. 

If anyone's interested, 25mm Lipped Basses are exactly the same size as 'M6 Mudguard Repair' washers. 
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Land-Shark: Green

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