Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fancy Wargames Paraphernalia

Hey Internet,

A few years ago, I got to thinking; I spend all this money and time and effort, buying and painting figures, but the other apparatus of my wargaming is a load of rubbish.

My dice were a missmatched heap of other people's spares, my tape-measure came free with a book of carpet samples, and I carried it all around in an duff old pencil case.

It has taken four years, but I am shabby wargamer no more!

Bow down before the majesty of my Fancy Wargaming Paraphernalia!

 photo IMG_0153_zpsd87ee3f2.jpg
A snazzy metal tin to keep it all in. The tin is complete with embossed Grecian figures, and originally contained Christmas fudge.  

 photo IMG_0154_zpsd9037cc6.jpg
A full set of surplus Casino Dice, with matching white polyhedrals, frugally purchased from a RPG/Comic/General Geek Emporium that was going out of business.

 photo IMG_0155_zps18811a2c.jpg
A 1950's Steel-Flex Rule made by John Rabone & Sons of London, purchased this very week off Ebay for a pittance. It is only marked in Inches, because centimetres are wrong and bad.


  1. Very nice. That tape measure looks in great condition for its age.

  2. Now that's a cunning idea - like the tin.