Thursday, 2 December 2010

In the works: Prussian Panzer Dragoons

I don’t normally like to put out images of half finished models, but I thought these were worth showing without a coat of paint on them.
Finally ready for painting my Prussian ‘Panzer-Dragoons’. They are part of an elite mechanised force, transported into battle on the back of an armoured machine. With no need for lengthy forced marches, they can take liberties with burdening themselves with bullet-resistant Krupp breastplates and enclosing themselves in gas-masks and leather bodysuits. Armed with leaver action rifles, bayonets and sharp Prussian discipline, combined with avid defence from musketry and poison attack, they pose a great threat on the field of battle.

The models themselves are ‘Shock Trooper’ bodies (Wargames Factory), with added gasmasked Pickelhelms (from West Wind Poductions), then with rifles and arms from British Zulu war troops (Wargames Factory again). Easy conversions really. The green-stuffing was then done on a whim by Elton Walters, the owner of my local gaming shop (Westgate Games, Canterbury).

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