Friday, 3 December 2010

Donnerkreig – Infantryman’s Protected Conveyance (IPC) – Ideas

I’m rather taken with the idea of giving my Panzer Dragoons some kind of armoured vehicle so that they can rightly go into battle alongside their fellow Land Ironclads (who are finished and pictures will be posted soon).

I’ve been having a think and a Google, and here’s some pictures I found on the eithernet that are of the sort of ‘it could have happened, possibly...perhaps’ style that I like to have in my VSF games, rather than the Steampunk infused Wells that some people enjoy.(These are just pictures I found on the internet, so if they belong to anyone and they don’t want me to use them for any reason, just say)


^ I really like this last one. 

I write this to appeal to the modellers, wargamers and scratch builders of the world. Does anyone know how I can make anything like this myself? Or anywhere that makes kits in the correct scale? Any other ideas on what a Prussian IPC would look like? Any ideas or thoughts at all really?

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