Thursday, 27 January 2011

USS Dunderberg


Good evening everyone,

I’ve painted and built and painted the flagship for the United States North Atlantic Fleet, the Casemate Frigate USS Dunderberg. 

I’m my little contra-timeline the war fears between the Union and England matirialise at the end of the Confederate War of Succession, and as such the Dunderberg is not sold to France, and rather serves in a career as the flagship of the North Atlantic Fleet.

At the time of her launch she was the longest wooden ship afloat and arguably one of the most powerful warships afloat in the world.


This model is 1:2400 scale. I couldn’t find a model of the Dunderberg in this scale so I decided to scratch build one. I’ve never made a small scale ship from scratch before, but It didn’t turn out to be too difficult. Its made of card, a paperclip, a small brass tube and a fair bit of maths. I used card because its easy to work with than plasticard, and it was within arms reach at the time. Considering the model is less than 2” long I don’t think it looks too bad and should make a nice gaming peice.

What do you think?

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