Wednesday, 26 January 2011

‘It’s been a while’ and “Anglo-American War – 1/2400 Ironclads – USS Dunderberg”

Hello Everyone.
Sorry for the lack of Posts, I have been busy with some essay writing for the past month or so, so sadly haven’t had the time to get any posts up or really anything Wargaming related finished.

But all that’s soon to change. I expect over the next few weeks to finish my ‘gang’ for the Necromunda/Gorkamorka campaign that I am soon going to be running and to get my VSF Russians looking a little more up together and ship-shape.

First however, A sort of spur of the moment project that I got a little over enthusiastic over the last few days, the 1865 Anglo-American war in 1/2400 scale. I’m doing American Navy and a Friend of mine is taking care of the British and perhaps the French if they want to join in.v

Expect a fair few pictures in the coming week...or next week if the postman is slow.

Because I had to order things, I decided that my first leap ever into 1/2400 scale naval war gaming should also be my first ever scratch-built ship. Because I couldn’t find one anywhere else in the right scale, my version of the USS Dunderberg.


Before you judge, it’s my first go at a scrachbuild and its only 2” long, so this is a super close up. I’m holding judgement if it’s a ‘keeper’ or not until it’s got a nice lick of paint and I’m holding it at arm’s length, or better still watching it on the table blasting apart the Royal Navy.

It’s made of cardstock (because its easier to cut than plasticard and it was within arms reach when I was on the sofa), a paperclip, a piece of copper pipe, some glue, polyfiller, a Wikipedia entry and a calculator. 


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