Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Of Gods and Mortals: Butterfly Mind

Hey Internet,

So...yeah....I only need to finish off a handfull of models to have my 15mm Polish Resistance project done and dusted. But, as ever, my Butterfly Mind has fluttered off onto other shiny things.

 photo DSCF2817_zpsc018c850.jpg

A friend at my local Wargames Group introduced me to the game and it has got my enthusiasm going, so I've decided to put the Poles on the backburner for a bit and give myself temporarily to the worship of the pantheon of Norse Deities.

 photo DSCF2816_zpsf1f63b6b.jpg

Digging though my bits box I found a model to splash some colour on - a Mithril Miniatures Dwarf. I painted him up last night, and thought I may as well pop it up on here while I was at it.

This little fellow also has the dubious honour of being the first Fantasy genre miniature that I have painted in recent times - the only other fantasy project that I've ever entered into was many, many years ago when I was a 'wee nipper, and involved some lead Orcs and airfix paint.

Hope you like him.


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